At the moment, knowledge of foreign languages is necessary in both private and business situations. Knowledge of English allows us to travel freely and feel confident abroad, make new friends with foreigners, contact people who do not speak Polish. We also need to be fluent in a foreign language when applying for a job, basically regardless of the profession or position. Companies more and more often have foreign owners, cooperate with international contractors and partners, and host foreign guests. There are many examples.

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Online language courses The knowledge of English seems to be the most useful and universal nowadays. Therefore, it is the education of the English language that attaches the greatest importance. Very often children learn English in the first years of primary schools, and sometimes even in kindergartens. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the English language is present at all stages of education, it very often turns out that even university graduates have problems with communicating in this language, not to mention fluent use of the oral and written English language. There is no point in looking for those guilty of such a situation, but considering how to remedy it.


Bearing in mind the above conclusions, it should be taken into account that the course should not only be another training in our career, but that it actually equips us with specific language skills. Therefore, we should focus on a course where we will not only explore the intricacies of English grammar, but which will be focused primarily on the practical side of using this grammar, expanding vocabulary, and achieving communicative skills in speech and writing. In other words, which will translate into our actual language skills.


Next, we should pay attention to the qualifications of our potential teachers. Mixed staff works best. On the one hand, they should be English speakers from Poland, who are able to explain many language issues to us in a simple and accessible way and practice them in practice, with an emphasis on what most Poles have problems with. On the other hand, the staff should be supported by native speakers from England or the United States, with whom we will be able to conduct conversations, which are an extremely important and positive element of language teaching. We can meet with such staff, for example, in the case of eduedu language courses online.